How To Apply Henna On Eyebrows

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Mixing & Processing Time

Extra Tips for the Perfect Application of Our Eyebrow Henna


Easy Steps for Perfect Henna: Use one scoop of henna for each client. Make sure the mix is just right – not too watery or too thick. Practice a bit before you start for the best results. One jar of henna is good for around 35 clients.


For optimal results, use two drops of fixer for each customer. Each drop is unique, so get to know the right amount for the perfect mix. The fixer enhances color and helps the henna stick better to both skin and hair. Plus, it makes removing the henna after treatment easy, providing maximum convenience for your clients.

Mineral Water

Add 8-10 drops of bottled mineral water to the mixture. The water will assist in achieving the desired mixture consistency. Initially, experiment with the number of drops to determine the optimal structure for your treatment. Utilizing mineral water guarantees the accurate hue for your eyebrows. Ordinary tap water has the potential to impact the color of our product.

Processing time

The processing time for our henna is between 10 and 20 minutes. The longer you leave the henna on the skin, the more intense the color will develop. Longer than 20 minutes is not necessary. Use the appropriate colors to create the perfect eyebrows. All information is provided with our products.

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