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Beautiful and professional solutions for Henna Brows

The Basics


A single henna kit is usually sufficient for around 35 clients. Remember this when determining the correct mixing ratio for optimal results.


1 scoop of henna
2 drops Fixer
8/10 drop of mineral water


Black, Dark chestnut and Dark blonde are cool colors.

Brown, Medium Chestnut and Medium Blonde are warm colors.


It’s not always necessary to be familiar with the techniques of dyeing eyebrows. If you are already experienced in this area, all you need to do is master the art of henna mixing. This can be done at your own pace and comfort, preferably at a kitchen table. Experiment with different textures by mixing a few times and see which one works best for you. Additionally, test the henna on your arm for a few minutes to determine how it will turn out. However, if you have never dyed an eyebrow before, there are multiple options available. You can access a wealth of information on Youtube, and if you’ve been drawing eyebrows for years, you already have a good foundation to begin with.

How long should the henna remain on before it needs to be removed?

For optimal results, keep the henna on your eyebrows for a period of 10 to 20 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the richer and more intense the color will be. So, find a comfortable spot, relax, and let the henna work its magic for that perfect, vibrant tone on your eyebrows!

How long does the henna remain visible on the skin and brows?

Our henna boasts a lasting power of two weeks on the skin and a robust six weeks on hair. For optimal upkeep, we suggest scheduling your next eyebrow henna appointment roughly four weeks after the initial one. Keep in mind, though, that how long the henna sticks around can vary. If you have oily skin, the color might fade a bit faster. Hormones also come into play, influencing the duration of the henna's effects – a common factor with all hair products. So, plan your follow-up accordingly, and revel in those long-lasting, vibrant results!

6 shades to Suit Every Client

Below, you'll find more information about our colors. The first decision to make is whether you prefer working with warm or cool tones.


Prepare to be amazed by this unexpectedly captivating shade. Our expertly formulated eyebrow henna boasts a remarkably refined cool black hue that effortlessly achieves a natural eyebrow appearance. It stands as our most profound cool-toned option, surpassing even our Dark Chestnut shade. Don’t let the name “Black” evoke unnecessary apprehension among customers. It complements beautifully on both deep and fair cool-toned skin. If your aim is to craft something truly distinctive, this shade is guaranteed to be a triumph in your salon.

Dark Chestnut

Undoubtedly, the crowning jewel within our range of Brazilian Brows henna is none other than the Dark Chestnut shade – the true “piece de resistance.” This deeply resonant and authentically natural hue has garnered unparalleled global acclaim. With its cool, opulent undertones, this shade stands as a versatile favorite, capable of enhancing the allure of eyebrows in a manner that is both understated and profoundly impactful.

Dark Blonde

Our Dark Blonde shade, despite its name, is actually our lightest cool-toned option. While the name might suggest otherwise, this shade defies expectations. It’s frequently chosen by clients seeking their first henna treatment. With its subdued intensity and cool undertones, it ensures clients won’t be startled by overly dark brows. A naturally cool and subtle hue.


The Brown shade of Brazilian Brows henna is a stunning color that enhances the appearance of eyebrows. The shade provides a warm and inviting tone to the skin, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer warmer shades. This shade is part of the warm collection of Brazilian Brows henna.

Medium Chestnut

The Asian market has a strong demand for the Medium Chestnut shade of Brazilian Brows henna. Its popularity stems from its gentle, warm undertones that result in a captivating and authentic appearance. This hue is an essential addition to any range of fundamental colors, given its adaptability and knack for enhancing individuals with warm hair and skin tones.

Medium Blonde

A beautiful find in the world of henna, and now right at your fingertips. This top-quality eyebrow henna has a special warm tone that you won't find anywhere else. People really like the natural and soft look it gives. You know, making eyebrows look naturally attractive with a bit of red can be tricky for brow stylists. But guess what? It can be done! Our Medium Blonde is just right for people with a reddish skin tone.

One-Minute Blend Course

Our Henna for eyebrows

What is the fixer used for?

Apply the henna

Keep the Henna on Both Eyebrows for the Same Duration

Let the henna sit on both eyebrows for the same amount of time. This ensures uniform color development and a balanced outcome

Apply the Henna Precisely and Evenly

Use a brow brush to apply the henna accurately and evenly to the eyebrows. This ensures a neat and professional appearance.

Start with Clean Skin

Before you begin, make sure the skin is clean and free from any oils. This helps the henna adhere better and provides a more beautiful result.

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